Equality Before the Stop: Analyzing Racial Bias in Traffic Stops and Identifying Solutions to End Racial Profiling

Aug 01, 2019 | by
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To better understand the Nebraska landscape on law enforcement agencies' efforts to end racial profiling, the ACLU of Nebraska utilized census data to identify 12 of Nebraska's most populous and racially diverse counties. We sent an open records request to every law enforcement agency in those 12 counties, for a total of 23 agencies that included city police, county sheriffs, and the Nebraska State Patrol. Note that two of the 23 law enforcement agencies did not respond to our request: Johnson County Sheriff's office and Schuyler Police Department. 

Our open records request sought two categories of information: 1) whether the agency had an anti-racial profiling policy and 2) information about any anti-bias trainings or implicit bias trainings attended by any member of the agency in the last two years.